My name is Tom and I’ve been slacklining since 2012. My favourite spot has changed a lot over the years and generally follows the discipline I’m focussed on at the time. The spot that has probably had the biggest effect on me is Sefton Park in Liverpool. While it helped a lot that I was local for the first 3-4 years of my slacklining, it’s really the amount of variety of lines you can rig there. The spot that is most known to people is ‘by the bandstand’. Here you can rig a seemingly endless amount of beginner lines, longlines over flat ground, longlines over a dip and even shorter lines over a dip. It has been a hub that has got many people into the sport and has seen a huge amount of progression from people over the years and surely will for years to come.

My music taste is quite rock and instrumental focussed. A track that is bouncing around my head at the moment is ‘Mr Invisible’ by ‘Thankyou Scientist’.


The best bit of slackline gear I own is my buff. I really hate my hair getting in my eyes while out highlining. I may have also lost a few on water midlines…..