My name is Arlo and I live in Brighton and have been slacklining for about 5 years. I first discovered slacklining whilst living in Australia, pretty soon after trying it my friend and I bought a line and proceeded to spend the majority of our free time in the park attempting to walk the 25-meter line. It’s amazing to look back and see how much progression I have made and also to see how much the sport has evolved in recent years and I can’t wait to see where it will go from here. 

My favourite spot, the rig, has to be my local spot. It’s located on Brighton seafront opposite the former West Pier. An architect has designed a spiral out of old columns from the collapsed pier. It’s a great piece of social architecture and the moment I saw I knew it was perfect for slacklining on. Admittedly it’s a fairly unforgiving spot as it’s over concrete which means if you fall wrong it hurts!  Although the line I rig there is just a 20-meter rodeo line, the aesthetics of the spot mean that I return to rig it time and time again. It also stays lit up at night which is a bonus. There’s always a bustling atmosphere there and I now get free coffee when I slackline there as the café nearby said I was entertaining their customers. I have made great friends at this spot and always get chatting to lots of new people when I am there who are interested to learn about slacklining, Notably the man who actually designed this spot stopped one day to tell me that he was very happy to see how it was being used. 

I find that music plays a very important role in setting the vibe of the session and due to the bustling atmosphere at the west pierI usually like to pick a family friendly playlist. So my go to would have to be my mums Hip Hop and Sunday Beats playlist which you can find here. Trust me you won’t regret it!

My favourite piece of equipment I use when rigging this spot would have to be a piece of reggae tubular webbing that I bought second hand. It’s very soft and really nice to walk and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy some fun and comfortable webbing. Sadly, the piece I have is only 20 meters, however it’s the perfect size for this particular spot which means my bag is easy to carry, also the rigging and packing down process is simple and very quick. 


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