Terms & Conditions

The UK Slackline Club has a full Public Liability insurance policy which covers all members of the club whilst participating in club events. The club does not provide personal risk insurance. Members participation in the sport is at their own risk and no responsibility will be taken by the club for injury or loss suffered by members as a result of practising our sport. The cover protects the club and its members from claims of loss or damage from members of the public and insures club members for hire of facilities such as indoor halls. And use of public parks.

An official club event is defined as two or more club members meeting at a pre-advertised (Facebook or WhatsApp group post) event where all lines are rigged by members of the club deemed as competent riggers and rigged in line with ISA and UK Slackline Club rigging recommendations. For highlines, riggers must be ISA Certified for official events and members must be officially buddy checked before using lines.

“Acts of recklessness” will nullify all insurance cover (obviously!!!).

Cover only applies to club members, not random friends and acquaintances.

The insurance does not cover teaching slacklining, it is purely a third party liability cover.

Finally…Slacklining can be an extremely dangerous activity. People can and have suffered life changing injuries and death as a result of participation in this sport. Your participation in this sport is undertaken at your own risk and with full knowledge of the dangers and hazards involved. The club will not take responsibility for any and all injury or loss any member suffers as a result of participating in this sport. It is your choice whether or not you slackline and what line you play on, be aware.